Fashion Fashion People Are Signing Up With TikTok Since They’re Tired in the house

Fashion Fashion People Are Signing Up With TikTok Since They’re Tired in the house


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Are you bored in the house? (If you’re not a necessary employee– thank you, if you are!– you need to be! Stay home!) Considering downloading that TikTok app everybody has been talking about? Searching for YouTube tutorials for that “Abandoner” dance? You’re not alone!

This time of isolation and social distancing has actually made lots of your favorite style figures desperate for a diversion, and let me tell you: There is no better diversion than TikTok.

I downloaded TikTok “as a joke” back in January, finally curious enough about all the funny memes and dance difficulties which trickled from the app onto Twitter, and quickly discovered that I might spend hours– actually hours — scrolling my “For You” page, looking for the next 15- 2nd hit of dopamine to be delivered to my eyeballs. My life has actually never ever been the very same considering that.

Now, myself and Daphne Guinness aren’t the only style luminaries on TikTok. (I’m joking, I’m joking) It appears being caged in the house is the last push a number of designs, influencers and designers required to register for an account, or to use the one they’ve been resting on for months.

On the modeling front, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have caved in to the siren call of viral dances, the previous with her other half, Justin Bieber.

Star Tommy Dorfman has actually been hanging out with Kaia Gerber, documenting their escapades with fellow TikToker Ashley Benson and her girlfriend, Cara Delevingne (unsure if this counts as proper social seclusion, however we’ll deal with it), so it feels like a matter of time prior to those 2 supermodels accompany accounts of their own.

Influencers are trying to translate their abilities to TikTok, with Charlotte Groeneveld from The Fashion Guitar, Natalie Suarez, Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat, Kellie Brown and Brittany Xavier all either joining up or increasing their presence on the app.

And obviously, where there’s an opportunity to be enjoyable online, Olivier Rousteing isn’t far behind. He’s flaunting how he works from home on TikTok.

Obviously, none of them have the sort of following like the teens and twenty-somethings who control the world of TikTok have, mainly since they have yet to embrace what makes TikTok so fantastic: the sheer, utter weirdness of it all. Hey, there’s time. And if TikTok hasn’t hired a fashion ambassador yet, à la Eva Chen at Instagram or Derek Blasberg at YouTube, they might want to look into it.

Get in loser, we’re discovering how to do the “Savage” TikTok dance

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