Fashion The best game-breaking speedruns of Summertimes Games Done Quick 2020

Fashion The best game-breaking speedruns of Summertimes Games Done Quick 2020


So fast, you missed it–.

Yearly fundraising event adapts to quarantine– and in incredible style. See the highlights.

fashion The best game-breaking speedruns of Summer Games Done Quick 2020

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If you’ve read our video gaming protection over the previous couple of years, you might have picked up on our love of speedrunning— the act of mastering and exploiting cherished video games to complete them much faster. While a lots of video and streaming channels focus on this hobby, we continue to want to the biannual Games Done Quick marathon series for the most amusing (and even educational) speedruns every year.

This week, Summer seasons Games Done Quick turned 10 years old and celebrated the turning point by raising $2.3 million for Doctors Without Borders– all without leaving the home.

TASBot breaks Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64: continues to note the N64’s breakout classic as a fan favorite, so we were excited to see how a preprogrammed run, adjusted on a frame-by-frame basis, could break the video game. As an included little obstacle, the programmers in question focused on a later variation of SM64, which meant they could not lean on its notorious “in reverse long dive” bug for additional speed.

Instead, they found a completely brand-new, and absolutely bonkers, make use of in which Mario perfectly jumps in between 2 walls to gain ridiculous quantities of speed.

The DDR-like dance game Pump It Up!

Pump It Up!

If you’re short on time, fast forward to the one-hour mark in the above YouTube embed to cut to the “benefit incentive” song that F333 tz finishes at the end, after he’s currently clearly tired. He almost fails this 220 bpm blur of a track a few times however still handles to finish it, after advising audiences that only six individuals in the world have actually beaten that tune on the above settings.

Half-Life: Alyx speedrun at SGDQ 2020.

Half-Life: Alyx: The honor of GDQ’s first-ever VR video game goes to Valve’s 2020 masterpiece, and it showed up with a severe bang thanks to this game-breaking speedrun for the ages. The meat is all in runner Buffet Time’s physicality, which you can see in the corner of the screen. He exploits the VR video game’s head-tracking focus by continuously kneeling, ducking, and crawling. By getting low to the ground, resetting his in-game position, and standing, Buffet Time grows to major heights in order to march above the levels in ways players were never meant to do. (That’s not his only “strat,” mind you, but you’ll have to view the entire thing to see his other wizardry.)

Homey D. Clown speedrun at SGDQ 2020.

Virtual Kid Wario Land speedrun at SGDQ 2020.

Virtual Young Boy Wario Land: In another very first for the marathon series, we see an original Virtual Kid game– albeit rendered in “2D” mode (simply the left eye’s view) and with the obnoxious red overlay transformed to pure black-and-white.

The Witcher 3 at SGDQ 2020, quick forwarded to the floating-horse technique.

The Witcher 3: The phrase “any percent” in a speedrun generally suggests that we’re getting into game-breaking territory, and this runner’s exploits are definitely dizzying to watch. The run starts with a funny floating-horse trick, but quickly after that, speedrunner Kaadzik bids farewell to pegasus emulation and hi to a time-warping problem that makes the video game run at “Yakety Sax” speed.

Doom Eternal speedrun at SGDQ 2020.

Doom Eternal: While the 2016 Doom reboot was infamous for broken skyboxes and geometry, its follow up had some (however not all) of those patched up.

Link’s Awakening speedrun at SGDQ 2020

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: “We didn’t even scratch the surface of how amazingly busted this video game is,” one commentator stated at the end of this glitch-filled exploration of the Game Kid classic.

Hypnospace Criminal speedrun at SGDQ 2020– and a brand-new speedrunning world record.

Hypnospace Criminal: One of 2019’s weirdest and most remarkable games, Hypnospace Criminal is also quickly exploitable for the sake of speedruns considering that it revolves around browsing an alternate-history version of the Web.

TrackMania Nations Forever speedrun at SGDQ 2020.

TrackMania Nations Forever: In another “less glitch, more efficiency” run, speedrunner Wirtual bends his lightning-quick reflexes in this beloved, physics-filled PC racing video game.

Sunset speedrun at SGDQ 2020

Sunset: This nostalgia-driven FPS from 2018 is already a blast to see in a speedrunning capacity, given that it was purposefully designed with bugs and exploits left in the code for speedrunners’ advantage (and older, speedrun-friendly versions can be accessed by means of the video game’s official Steam version via the “beta” drop-down menus). The enjoyable only increases when its lead designer and producer join in as analysts, primarily in the type of faux-complaining about how the speedrun is breaking their video game.

The above speedrun embeds are only a taste of the eight days of madness you can discover at the full SGDQ 2020 archives, which include a number of speedrun “races,” a mother lode of traditional and specific niche video games, and lengthy runs of popular RPGs like Last Fantasy VII Remake, Pok√©mon Shield, and more. (And if you didn’t contribute to beneficiary Doctors Without Borders during the marathon, it’s not too late.).

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