Fashion The Shoe Company Making A Difference Actually One Step At A Time

Fashion The Shoe Company Making A Difference Actually One Step At A Time


fashion A pair of Good News sneakers

A set of Excellent News sneakers

Good News

With the fashion business today utilizing one sixth of the world’s population, there is substantial potential to make an effect.

The market represent nearly 20%of all industrial water contamination each year, and it launches 10%of our carbon emissions into the air. In the past twenty years, the amount of clothes and shoes we throw away has doubled to 14 million tonnes each year, much of which goes to landfill, where the chemicals pollute soil and water.

It’s a hazardous market, however more and more companies are taking actions to lessen their negative impacts on the environment, including Great News.

Launched in 2016 by co-founders Nia Jones and Ben Tattersall, the company aims to not just make an environmental impact, however a social one too, by closing the space in between excess production and assisting those in need.

The company produces sneakers using recycled rubber soles, organic cotton and weave uppers, and recycled footbed.

“95%of the 20 billion pairs of shoes produced worldwide each year end up in landfill sites,” says Tattersall. “We have a dedication to challenge a fast-paced fashion industry that produces vast waste.”

fashion An example of a Good News shoe design

An example of a Good News shoe design

Excellent News

The co-founders wish to assist alter the way the fashion industry presently operates.

” We are always making every effort to enhance the environmental and social sustainability of our items by reducing our carbon, chemical and water footprint, whilst taking care of individuals who make our shoes,” adds Tattersall.

” After a great deal of backward and forward of questioning whether we would be developing more mess, we decided to enter upon a journey to develop a brand name that will hopefully motivate others to improve making procedures, monitor supply chains and reasonable trade and enhance the lives of people and the health of the world.

” Generation Z are turned on and the business who select to ignore thinking about environment change aren’t going to exist a lot longer.”

Excellent Shoes is currently working with several eco non earnings in order to plan how to offset their emissions from shipping, with the objective of being carbon neutral by the end of 2020.

In addition to concentrating on environmentally friendly designs and manufacturing, the company, which mentions its rivals as Veja, Vans and Stepney Employee Club, has its own charity effort, called Good Luck Shoes.

The charity arm sends out dead stock to migrants in Italy who require shoes, as well as sending shoes to ladies in Ethiopia who require them to get to necessary medical consultations. Both initiatives are rolled out through other independent charities. To date, All the best Shoes has provided more than 3,000 sets of shoes to refugees in Europe.

” We passionately feel that change will begin with these huge brands making small steps and improvements and they shouldn’t feel afraid to make these changes since of press,” Tattersall continues.

” We feel we are various in that we wish to be totally transparent with our journey and the mistakes we make along the way, to reveal our integrity as a service.”

The company’s shoes are stocked in Selfridges, Liberty, Net-a-Porter and Harvey Nichols, among others, and the founders are determined to continue raising awareness around the fashion industry.

” Our aim has actually always been basic,” states Tattersall, “to utilize Excellent News as a platform to alter the ways things are done within the industry and assistance promote a healthy planet.”

The creators, nevertheless, have actually felt annoyed by the “absence of assistance the market needs to use and how difficult it is to discover the ideal information”.

” Our brand message and tone is positive but we have actually always desired be open and sincere with our journey through talking about the challenges and challenges of beginning a new shoes brand name and within this competitive market.

” For Great News, sustainability comes down to taking a look at every aspect of the supply chain; you really have to scrutinize everything, this has been a huge obstacle.”

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