Fashion There’s a worldwide scarcity of face masks– but people around the globe are using imaginative methods to make their own

Fashion There’s a worldwide scarcity of face masks– but people around the globe are using imaginative methods to make their own


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  • To make up for the international shortage of medical face masks triggered by the coronavirus outbreak, workers in far-flung places are taking matters into their own hands.

    And in some cases, make a style declaration.

    Jordanian designer Samia Alzakleh has actually been developing bedazzled face masks made with hundreds of Swarovski crystals each.

    ” These are not 100%medical. I simply wanted to motivate individuals to use masks,” she told Reuters. “And for individuals who like to follow style and the most recent style patterns, they can use them.”

    fashion BIT_0320_CreativeMasks_V2.00_01_07_16.Still004

    Bedazzled face masks made by Jordanian designer Samia Alzakleh.


    A world away in Soacha, Colombia, students at Julio Cesar Turbay school are also making their own masks in light of the scarcity. They use products like banana leaves, plastic bottles, and paper.

    Colombia had more than 300 validated cases of the infection as of March24 Masks are especially scarce in the Bogota location, where air pollution runs high.

    ” As we are a population of minimal resources, a susceptible population here in the borders, our kids can’t discover the masks,” Adriana Cubillos, an instructor at the school, told Reuters.

    ” They are not being sold, and if they are offered, the prices are beyond our budget plan. That is the reason that we have decided to do this as a didactic component.”

    Masks are likewise tough to get in Rwanda, where 36 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed as of March 24.

    One tailor in the nation’s capital of Kigali, Alexander Nshimiyimana, has been making face masks out of standard material called kitenge.

    ” We are attempting to safeguard ourselves to limit the infection of individuals throughout this infection attack,” he informed Reuters

    He sells his masks for 50 cents each– a fifth of the market price.

    Italians are also finding ways to innovate.

    With over 63,00 0 confirmed cases as of March 24, Italy is the worst-hit nation after China.

    fashion BIT_0320_CreativeMasks_V2.00_02_13_12.Still008

    Rwandan tailor Alexander Nshimiyimana has been making face masks out of standard kitenge fabric.


    Adolfo Lettieri, the owner of an upholstery business in Tuscany, relied on mask-making in action to soaring mask rates.

    ” We started to make these masks out of anger, actually, because when we attempted to go and purchase them, they were charging 15 euros a mask,” Lettieri said. “So I decided to make them and give them away free of charge because this overcharging is something I can’t stand.”

    Healthcare employees around the world still do not have access to these important products.

    But Lettieri believes that providing homemade masks for regional citizens is also beneficial.

    ” I say, better this than nothing,” he said.

    Filling Something is filling.

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