Studio Aisslinger Inserts Futuristic Work Pods into Colorful “LOQI” Workplace

Perhaps bold, brilliant, fashion-forward offices aren’t the ideal fit for every company, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing if more of them looked like this.

Studio Aisslinger's Revamped LOQI Headquarters in Berlin.

Masterminded by Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger, the style speaks with LOQI’s identity as a maker of totes, weekend bags, pouches, and reusable masks produced in cooperation with modern-day and modern artists (along with the requisite Klimt, Van Gogh, and Hokusai). The American-born international company needed brand-new work and activity locations that provided its group the flexibility and autonomy to choose when and how they worked, all within a sustainable and stylish area.

The result is every bit as “vibrant and inspiring” as the designers meant, “breaking through the gray schematism of standardized workstation units.” Occupying a roughly 10,000- square-foot center with high vaulted ceilings and a commercial character, the workplace has actually specific zones devoted to different functions like holding small personal discussions, taking calls, talking with colleagues, and accommodating big conferences. None of these usages are set in stone, obviously, and the lines between them are constantly permeable.

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View inside a privacy pod inside Studio Aisslinger's Revamped LOQI Headquarters in Berlin.


Soundproof curtains allow open seating zones to instantly become more private.

Yes, the facility consists of one huge open room of the sort that a lot of workers dislike, but it’s no cubicle farm.

Artwork on Display at Studio Aisslinger's Revamped LOQI Headquarters in Berlin.

Step-shaped lounge area at Studio Aisslinger's Revamped LOQI Headquarters in Berlin.

The cycle of a sustainable production and way of life is seen less as an immediate requirement than as an opportunity; recycling and upcycling not only as a day-to-day workplace routine, however as a design impulse,” Studio Aisslinger states. “Striking material curtains, transparent folding screens, materials, and colors moderate the shift between the various workspace.”

” Sitting at one’ s desk or standing at a high table, disputing the most recent project at a round table or thinking through an inspiring style, remote in the work pill that shields all noise from outdoors– versatile and open, the room adapts to the respective requirements, creating area for lively imagination, for that dance of body and mind that is needed to acquire originalities.”

Studio Aisslinger's Revamped LOQI Headquarters in Berlin.

Studio Aisslinger's Revamped LOQI Headquarters in Berlin.

The pods, step-shaped lounge locations, and abundance of primary colors almost provide this office the feel of a playground for adults, however that does not imply it’s childish. On the contrary, the effect is lighthearted, dynamic, and distinctively matched to LOQI’s creative spirit. Plus, in keeping with our new pandemic-induced awareness about individual area, there’s a complete six feet in between each zone, giving every worker sufficient room to breathe. Wide passages, movable partitions, and touchless controls all add to a work space that’s more secure than average (and ideally adequately aerated, also).

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